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Jiangsu Tafel New Energy Technology Inc. , which was established in 2014, is an innovative high technology company engaged in research & development, manufacturing and sales of lithium-ion power batteries and energy storage batteries. The company headquarter is located in Nanjing, And Its facilities also present in Dongguan, Changde, and also the branch office for sales in Shenzhen, Beijing and Taiwan. TAFEL is dedicated to providing energy-efficient solutions for the global new energy market by continuously improving its advanced battery technologies.

Honor and Certification

The company has been passed the Audit by the international inspection institution, such as ISO9001:2008, GB/T-2004/ISO14001-2004, OHSHS 18001 and IATF 16949:2016, And also hold the high technology enterprise certificates which was granted by the Chinese government. A variety of products have been awarded with high technology product certificates

The product has been passed the European Union IEC and UL regulation, and obtained the UN certificates for shipping by Air or Ocean.

The company has been making ceaseless innovations, boasts a large number of advanced technology patents in the industry, and its products have passed tests by domestic authoritative organizations.

Company Global Map
The company headquarter is located in Nanjing Jiangsu
, and also subsidiaries in Shenzhen, Dongguan,
Beijing, Changde, Taiwan, Silicon Valley USA

Origin of Tafel

Julius Tafel, a German chemist, who discovered the “Tafel Equation” to reveal the relationship of electrochemical reaction rate and electric potential, which provides a basis to analyze the current -voltage relationship in electrochemical system (such as the internal resistance of the battery and other issues). To pay our respect to this great Chemist, we named our company Tafel New Energy Technology Co. Inc.

Story of Entrepreneurship

“Balance is power”, which firstly come out from our five cofounders in 2014, is now become the philosophy of TAFEL.Tafel using this philosophy, keep trying to explore the essence and truth of how to provide the best power battery for human.We also decide to enhance China’s industry manufacturing by using our ideas and believes. In future, we hope it known for worldwide.

Balance is energy power

is eternity

Core Values


Company vision

To provide cleaner, greener, more
convenient and more
intelligent life
for human beings with high
technology innovation

TAFEL New Energy Technology

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